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Today ballistic steel is still the material of choice when armoring a vehicle, this is due to the low attractive cost and quick manufacturing times whether a military tank or a passenger vehicle. Over the past 40 years, the technology has advanced and is still continuing to change. During this time light weight synthetic fiber ballistic laminates were developed and were introduced into the armoring industry. Synthetic fiber laminates were developed by companies such as Allied Signal (a large US chemical and fiber manufacturer) and DuPont Products (1965 DuPont introduced the first Kevlar® fiber, DuPont customers, inventors, and entrepreneurs have been finding ways for Kevlar® to help protect, strengthen, and enhance the world around us).

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By investing in current state of the art technology, new research and development techniques as well as new equipment and materials which are tested, certified and developed to improve quality control, delivery times, application processes as well as development of new proprietary armoring processes and products which will springboard our organization to the next generation of armoring. This is just the beginning for IAC Philippines / TomArmor Systems as we will continue to innovate as we have in the past.

TomArmor Systems uses “Tomorrow’s Armoring Technology Today” as we continue on the path of innovation and the continuation of product development; TATTArmor® lightweight and TATTUltra® ultra-lightweight armoring materials will surely become the sought after armoring materials of the future. Some innovative examples of TomArmor products consist of glass designs, light weight opaque ballistic armor TATTArmor® and state of the art application processes.

An overlapping process used in door openings and throughout the vehicle body is TATTGuard®, we are the only manufacturer in the industry with the TATTWeld® armoring method – This is a Low heat-High strength stitching process that is used in configuration with a “Cold-Weld” Application; this is a highly sophisticated and engineered proprietary process used in installation of ballistic alloys which completely eliminates any “Heat-Affected Zone” resulting in ZERO penetration. Steel is made ballistic through an air-hardening and heat treating process. When that ballistic steel is reheated through the use of bead welds, the applied heat reverses the hardening process making the original ballistic steel, non-ballistic (within 2” either side of that weld). Other companies certify the strength of their armor before it is installed, but once the welder heats the steel, the steel can no longer be certified as ballistic. TomArmor Systems is the only company that offers the TATTWeld® install-method which is “Tomorrow’s Armoring Technology Today”

TATTUltra® reduces the weight added to armored passenger vehicles; TATTUltra® is the latest in a series
of proprietary, lightweight ballistic materials used in the armoring of passenger vehicles. It is anticipated that
vehicles armored with TATTUltra® will have an increased life and less service issues commonly associated
with heavy, steel armored vehicles. TATTUltra® has been independently certified for protection against
handgun and high-powered rifles, by H.P. White Laboratories in Street, Md., Oregon Ballistic Labs and Chesapeake Testing.

Laminates are designed to reduce added weight to armored passenger vehicles by 40% – 60% while maintaining certified ballistic defeat levels. This alternate armoring material has been well received by the world market. TomArmor Systems is already spring-boarding to the forefront of the armored vehicle industry due to the use of the most advanced technological products and application processes

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